I awoke on planet Earth in San Francisco, CA. A small girl with big dreams. I discovered my artistic superpowers the day I first picked up a crayon. Scribbling onward, I explored the wonders of color trying different mediums. Light speed ahead, in the summer of 2013, I evolved my traditional drawings into digital masterpieces and my true identity was revealed to the world. I took art as my profession that year and founded my own brand known as Chibicars which inspired artistic trends in the automotive world. I won an award for best vendor, collaborated with various companies, featured in magazines, and later selected to design the automotive art collection for Toyota’s showroom floor. I was awarded the blessing to travel with a purpose. But my journey was only half-painted. A bigger world awaited...


Artists can exist everywhere!

Ready to reinvent myself, in 2017 I listened to my inner creative beasts and left my hometown with a suitcase and a dream and moved to Los Angeles. By then, I owned 7 businesses, adopted 2 cats, and breached my art into the tactical world as I created my own line of morale patches, now available on Evike & Tactical Distributors. To this day, my work embodies the roots of my prime childhood obsessions of anime, games, cars, comics, & cats! The world is my scrapbook.