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Venom & Carnage Cat

Venom & Carnage Cat


Original Artwork by Stephanie Isidro


    Venom & Carnage - released at TorpedoCon 2021 and featured on Fox5 San Diego Fangaea News Segment 2022. This print is created on an exhibition textured quality paper. A nice rough texture like an outdoor cat. If you are an owner of multiple kitties who fight to settle their lifelong differences, then this is the print for your household. If your friend or family member has cats who occasionally battle it out, look no further! This is the perfect gift for them.

    **Prints come unframed**


    Will they be signed?

    YASS! ALL Prints come hand signed by the Artist.


    How long will these be available?

    Available online and exclusively at events.


    All Domestic & International orders will be shipped through USPS Priority Mail.